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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post  Truten on Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:52 pm

18 Animation Welcome!! These are the rules of the forum, please follow these rules, that is all I ask of you, as long as you follow these simple rules you are welcome here.

Regular Board Rules

Rule 1: Respect
Respect everyone on this forum as if they were your equal, that goes for admins, mods and even regular members. Flaming is NOT allowed here what-so-ever. Discrimination against Race, Sex and Age will have you instantly banned so don't do it.

Rule 2: Spelling
As long as people can understand what you’re trying to say than its fine. No 1337 crap, and English is the primary language used on this board.

Rule 3: Swearing
Don't worry about it, this isn't a kids board, if you find swearing offensive go somewhere else. HOWEVER, DO NOT swear AT other members as this is considered flaming and you will be banned.

Rule 4: Don't diss characters
Don't go around saying "I HATE this character!!" Because some people on this board may have a strong likeing for that person.

Rule 5: Images
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should there be pornographic images on this forum! Just don't do it, if you do you will be banned. This means PM's to. Yaoi and things like that is allowed.

Rule 6: Advertisment
Don't use this board to advertise, it's not allowed period. You cannot advertise your forum here either, EXCEPT in the section called "Blinking Mirror" please do not advertise anywhere else.

Rule 7: Avatars and Signatures
Do not advertise your forum in signatures, and do not place innapropriate content in your Avatars. Thank you.
Also try to keep your Avatars and signatures small if at all possible.

Rule 8: Spamming
NO SPAMMING! It's not allowed and will not be tolerated. Also stay on topic, don't stray off topic as this is against board policies. As well, don't post uber short responces just to up your post count.

Rule 9: Moderator and Admin positions
DO NOT ask me to make you an admin or moderator, I don't care how long you've been here or how many posts you have, I will say no. If I think your worthy of being a Moderator or Admin I will say so. The following are the conditions.

1) Must be posting on a daily basis

2) High Post Count


4) Must have obeyed forum rules

5) Must understand how to manage a forum.

If I think of more rules I will post them here, so check here once in a while.



Male Number of posts : 22
Age : 29
Location : My house!
Rp Character : Bluu
Registration date : 2009-03-15

Character sheet
Character Name: Bluu
Character Age: 10
Character Sex: Male

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